Door Mouse

Now available on CD:

This album contains exclusively original pieces written by me, Jeremy Kahn, and performed by an array of musical giants that I am privileged to know and to play music with.

And please don’t ask about the significance of the track names. I really don’t know.

Released 05 May 2010 (25 May 2011 on CD)


Composition: Jeremy Kahn
Guitar: Jeremy Kahn
Piano, Flute: Katie Elliott
Beatbox: Shlomo
Piano, Vocals: Aisling Lavelle (As You Wish, Signal Failure)
Bass: Nick Pugh (Door Mouse Suite, Signal Failure)
Bass: Oli Hayhurst (Friday Blues, Red Gables)
Drums: Bert Schilperoort (Friday Blues, Red Gables)
Bass: Jasper Høiby (Groovology, Sarabande, Woop)

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