Here I’ve presented a few recent water colours. If I still have the original, I will sell it to you. If it’s been sold I can sell you a print or I can paint a new version for you. Most of these are on 18×26 cm 300gsm watercolour paper. You can see more of these on my Facebook page.

Watercolour showing a pub
Walnut Trees,, Bourne End
Watercolour showing footbridge
Footbridge, Bourne End
Watercolour showing a church against fields and a blue sky
Portnahaven Parish Church
Watercolour showing barn style door in blue/green
Blue Green Door
Watercolour showing telegraph wires and a pathway receding into hills
View from Roystone Grange
Watercolour showing an alleyway with a bar sign
Alley with bar in Alençon
Watercolor showing a church on a hill
Saint Nicholas, Hedsor
Watercolour showing houses on the opposite bank of the river and their reflections in the water
Houses on the River Thames at Bourne End
Watercolour showing a plate with fried eggs, bread, tomatoes and mushrooms