Tortilla / omelette

This recipe is my approximation of a Spanish dish, Tortilla, with various additions. I haven't been to Spain, so no guarantees of authenticity here. It's good for vegetarians (provided they eat eggs) and also for people who can't eat wheat. Quantities are not critical for this dish, and you could try substituting tomatoes or red … Continue reading Tortilla / omelette

Roast potatoes

There are many varieties of potatoes. Some are better for roasting than others. Today I used cyprus potatoes, which come covered in red, sticky mud. Always make far too many potatoes, because the potato monster will enter the fridge and eat them within 24 hours, whatever you do. Peel and wash the potatoes. Chop into … Continue reading Roast potatoes

Basmati rice

Basmati rice is a long grained rice which has a special grass like smell when you open the packet, if it's good stuff. We use Tilde Basmati, although I'm sure there are other good ones. When cooked correctly, the rice grains are all separate and well formed.  It's fairly dry. Here is a traditional way … Continue reading Basmati rice