Steak au poivre vert

The Irit was desperate to eat steak with green peppercorn sauce. So here's how I made it. Ingredients The meat 2 lumps of filet steak (will work perfectly well with any grade of steak) Knob of butter Splash of sunflower oil The sauce 1 shallot, chopped finely About 1/4 jar green peppercorns, drained (Mrs Kahnivore … Continue reading Steak au poivre vert

Chicken And Aubergine Curry

Here's an update on yesterday's not-curry. The ingredient list is almost identical but the process is different and that's what makes it work. 4.5 stars from the Irit. Certainly the most curry like dish I have ever made. I would believe in this if they served it to me in the Last Viceroy. This recipe … Continue reading Chicken And Aubergine Curry

Tortilla / omelette

This recipe is my approximation of a Spanish dish, Tortilla, with various additions. I haven't been to Spain, so no guarantees of authenticity here. It's good for vegetarians (provided they eat eggs) and also for people who can't eat wheat. Quantities are not critical for this dish, and you could try substituting tomatoes or red … Continue reading Tortilla / omelette