Shoulder of Lamb and Fava Bean Curry

This is another variation on some preceding curry ideas. The idea is that the vegetables thicken the sauce, and also that the lamb is immersed in the sauce so the spices flavour it. It's good to use the smallest pan that will fit the shoulder, so that the intensity of the sauce is not diluted … Continue reading Shoulder of Lamb and Fava Bean Curry

Fava Bean Dahl

Fava beans (1½ cups) Olive oil 2 medium sized tomatoes 2 onions 1 aubergine Garlic Salt For the spice mixture Lump of root ginger Green chillis Turmeric powder, ground cumin Cardamom seeds, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, onion seeds Soak the fava beans for 12 hours (optional, you may need to cook them a bit longer … Continue reading Fava Bean Dahl

Chicken And Aubergine Curry

Here's an update on yesterday's not-curry. The ingredient list is almost identical but the process is different and that's what makes it work. 4.5 stars from the Irit. Certainly the most curry like dish I have ever made. I would believe in this if they served it to me in the Last Viceroy. This recipe … Continue reading Chicken And Aubergine Curry