The true story of Bob

Polite people don’t talk about money. It’s vulgar. But right from the start, Bob made it clear how rich he was. I know a few people with money and I’m used to them talking about amounts that I could never hope to have as if they are small change. But Bob was the master at this game.

The first time Dave[1] and I met Bob was in The Chequers. He told a story about drinking in a bar when a girl approached him. They chatted for a long time and they were getting on well. Then she mentioned his car, an Aston Martin. She’d seen him park it and had followed him in. She only wanted him for his money.

Having money is like being exceptionally beautiful. People are interested in what you have, not who you are. But beautiful people could hide some of their beauty, and no-one forces rich people to buy Aston Martins. As Dave has often said about the problems of rich people, my sympathy circuits are having difficulty firing.

I’ve never met anybody for whom money is no object in the way it seemed to be for Bob. That first time he talked about how it’s a waste of money to own a yacht when you could charter one fully crewed for a fortnight for only $200,000. That was why he had sold his yacht.

He told us that he was a country singer and songwriter, originally from Uxbridge. He had been working in Nashville for 20 years and he had now decided to move to Bourne End. He was in the process of buying a house on a posh local estate. He’d written several hit songs, and had recently been commissioned to write some songs for The Scissor Sisters new album. He’d been referred to them by his friend Mike Batt.

He also mentioned that he had just had his third divorce. He asked us where we were on that and I explained that both Dave and I were still on wife 1.0.

Bob wore a baseball cap, cowboy boots, big white shirts, frayed jeans, and a belt with a big buckle. His nails were manicured. For the moment he was renting a room in Bourne End, and also helping a friend out with his flooring business, which was playing hell with his hands. Hence the manicure. He was planning to invest in the flooring business soon. Meanwhile helping out gave him something to do.


Bob asked me to record him for some demos for the Scissor Sisters. He showed up for the recording several hours late, with a nice guitar. On this and every subsequent appointment I had with Bob he was late. Sometimes hours late, sometimes several days. He was the least reliable person I have met.

I have recorded only two voices that filled the room so much that I thought I had left the monitor speakers switched on. Bob’s voice was one of these, rich, strong, like Roy Orbison, or maybe Elvis. The songs that he had written were derivative, and the lyrics represented the worst of adolescent romantic views of love relationships. To write certain kinds of popular music you need to incorporate elements of poor taste, sentimentality and unoriginality. Bob’s writing revelled in all three.

Doing the recordings, he had the professional’s ability to play and sing a whole song without wavering. That first day we recorded three songs in about an hour. Bob was strangely delighted with the results, as if he hadn’t heard himself recorded so well before. He sat on my sofa, grinning, and after hearing each track on the speakers, he listened again on his iPhone, which delighted him even more. During that session he took a call from a woman. He was negotiating a relationship with her, talking the way he talked in his songs. The moment I saw you I knew you were the one. I’ve never felt like this before. She didn’t believe him. He sent her a link to a track we had just recorded, appropriately named Believe Me, which he said he had written for her. A while later she texted back that she had cried when she heard it and that now she believed him and that she loved him.

Here is the track Believe Me:

Bob said that he’d want to do a lot more recording, and would pay for new equipment for me. I didn’t know whether to take this offer seriously. It didn’t seem like a good idea. They want me to go on tour, said Bob. I asked what sort of venues. Oh, the O2, that sort of thing, he said. I’m thinking of investing £5,000,000 in promoting it. I can get Eric Clapton on the tour.

I saw Bob a few days later. It turns out the woman on the phone (let’s call her Sarah) lived in the house that he was buying. They were having an affair, and he had ordered a yacht for her birthday next year. I bought it because she doesn’t want me for my money. The price was $80,000,000.

Bob "Buying" a Bentley
Bob “Buying” a Bentley

He told me that he had ordered a Bentley and he was going up to Manchester to collect it, after which he’d come for a recording session at about 2pm, and he’d bring me the money that he owed me. When he arrived, a couple of days late, he didn’t have the money, and the car hadn’t worked out. Problems with getting the cash over from the US, he said. He was in a state, sweating, nervous. He lifted his baseball cap to scratch his head, which was bald. I knew he would be bald, but the nakedness of his head was shocking, something I was not meant to see.

The reason for the upset was Sarah. He had been hanging around her place, using the space to write songs, spending time with her family. She’d now said he wasn’t to contact her again until they’d exchanged contracts on the sale. She called me a liar, said Bob. This time he struggled to record the songs but in the end we got a couple more down.

There was a third session a while later during which it emerged that he was a stone mason, and he showed me a picture of a pink stone fountain that he had made for a hotel lobby in California. And he was a freemason. And he told me how he had given away $8,000,000 worth of land to the Sasquatch Indians. He’d inherited the land from his grandfather. He’d been offered vast amounts of money by the oil companies to lease it to them, but had turned it down. Bob wrote me a cheque for the money that he owed me. The account was at the Nationwide and the name on the cheque was R J Hollister Rank. He told me not to cash the cheque just yet, as the money wasn’t quite there yet, and that he’d bring me cash later.


I investigated Bob online. His footprint was suspiciously light. There was a country CD on iTunes in his name. There were several unimpressive Twitter and Facebook accounts. There were some inept self-shot youTubes of him singing his songs. There was the company in the US that he claimed to run. There was a record of the birth of a child in Uxbridge, at the right sort of date and called Robert James Hollister. And then there was this on What became of Lord J Arthur Ranks Illegitimate son Robert James Hollister? Unanswered. One of the twitter feeds showed a Rank Organisation gong.

Bob started to find me in the local Costa, where I sit and write several days of the week. There were long discussions about the difficulty of getting his money into various banks, how the people in the banks didn’t know how to handle large sums of money. He talked vaguely about some projects he wanted to do in music and film. He wanted to get me involved. He would pay me well, he said. He asked for advice and listened intently. Another time he arrived, hands shaking, carrying a crash helmet, bald head showing. Sarah had finished with him. He didn’t know whether to go through with the purchase.

A few days later I got this text:

Jeremy, can we meet up in a day or so, had seriously horrible day yesterday pulled out of buying house after she had called and texted all Sunday and Monday morning, trying to become the strong confident man I was rather than a bloody baby haha sorry and thank you for being a good and patient understanding friend, I do not conduct business or friendships in this manner so thank you.

Sorry to hear about the house. Let me know when you want to meet.

Thanks Jeremy, was actually going to buy it until she called and texted. I was in a good place emotionally Sunday, thank you will do, just need a day or so just not good company at all, stupidly broke down in bank yesterday, had to leave quickly bloody embarrassing haha never done that before, must be serious haha thank you… Not answering calls or texts from her at all now she tried texting and calling yesterday evening made things worse… No worries see what today holds

Then a few days later:

Jeremy, sorry for being illusive had accident, had MRI can’t drive or ride etc, but planning on being around Monday afternoon, so lets meet in Costa and I can settle up with you… Thanks for being patient

He turned up this time, wearing a brace on his knee, which seemed to be giving a lot of pain. He’d been riding a horse bareback and stupidly, he said, he’d been trying to teach it. The horse had thrown him. He was still having problems getting money into the country.

He told me that 1st September would be the date when everything was going to happen, he would have a house, he would start his business and have a place to run it. He talked about buying a local pub, The Firefly, and turning it into a music venue and headquarters for the business. Bob showed me a logo that he’d had designed, something like ЯHR. I wondered whether producing a logo was the first priority in running a business. We talked about what the business might do. He was vague about it but in the end we decided the mission statement would be to create and commission new music, and to place the music in movies and other media. Around this time he introduced me to a girl in her early twenties, who he was interviewing for the role of intern in his business. They sat at a table and talked intently for an hour or so.

Bob talked about the people that he was going to to hire, including his current landlady. He was concerned that there shouldn’t be an even number of people. Even numbers are bad, he said. It’s strange how odd numbers can sometimes be even. 

I haven’t seen Bob again. I was told that Bob had run up a bar bill at the pub across the river which had never been paid, and had written a cheque for £30,000 for their Africa appeal, which he said not to cash yet. They tried to cash it and it bounced. Bob was now with with a woman who lived nearby in a caravan mobile home. I was also told that he had borrowed money from several people, and put at least one local business at risk by ordering stuff that he didn’t pay for.

And that’s all I know, for now.

[1]All names changed except Bob and celebrities.

95 thoughts on “The true story of Bob

  1. My name is Colin Mitchell, I have served as an officer in the military since mid 80’s when I first met Robert, the gentleman this column refers too.

    I am by no means a writer as you claim to be, but I could not let your comment go by without saying something in his defence.

    Robert and I have recently regained contact since his return from the U.S.
    I personally know Robert has had financial issues which included Inland Revenue, also an investment opportunity that I too was involved with briefly which took longer than investors thought would come to fruition.

    I know that as a person Robert is exceptionally kind, sensitive, caring and generous, and the last person to let anyone down unless faced with a serious problem himself which he most certainly was, if he promises, you shall receive, unfortunately those he has promised this time have had to wait.
    Mind you, the wait is proving to show who is true is it not?

    My involvement with Robert came about in 1984 when I, along with a number of other personnel were introduced to him with regards his instruction and knowledge in martial arts, after thorough investigation he was commissioned as an personal instructor.
    I have never know him to be other than exceptionally professional, courteous, totally honest and noble, not one to tolerate tardiness, also a true gentleman.

    Robert resigned as our personal instructor in 1993, to Persue his career as a professional singer/songwriter.
    I have known him to be humble with regards his accomplishments and generosity, trying to help the faltering pub industry, he helped in the farming industry and he gave a 1400 acre plot of land in Canada which he had inherited from his grandfather, to the native Indians of that region and national park service.
    I personally know that his father 1st Baron J.Arthur Rank left Robert shares of which were never used other than premiums from such were donated to various charities over the 41 years he had them.

    Robert has confided in me his embarrassment with regards promises he had made to persons he had become acquainted with some of whom he classed as friends since settling in the area in which he plans to live with his future wife, whom has stood by him through this, he is mortified to think she would be embarrassed or looked down upon by locals.
    He told me, she is such a special person, probably one of the most genuine He has ever met, he feels she is making him a better person, “I never want to let her down, she is my life”.
    He has every intention of making good his promises and commitments as he has made friends and wishes this to be their home, he also plans to become more acquainted with the community.

    I felt compelled to write this comment in reply as this is truly unlike the genuinely unique gentleman Robert is.
    Yes he is going through a stressful and embarrassing time which is close to coming to an end, I know he will make things right.

    I would like to point out, Robert has enjoyed success in a number of careers and has helped numerous people including myself along the way, he is not a selfish person by any means.
    he returned to England to retire, left a life and all he knew for the past 15 plus years in the U.S to find a home and new friends back here in England.
    It has to be hard when one has been used to being recognised and for being wanted for who you are and what one has, to not being known or knowing anyone, and trying to start a new life.

    I am not making excuses on his behalf, yes he should not have made promises until all finances were straight and in place but when one is used to making things happen and making people’s dreams come true it must be hard to stop.
    I do know this has been an extremely stressful, embarrassing, emotional time for him and his fiancée.
    Robert is a good, respectful person who would do anything for anyone, ask him to play a show to raise money for your cause or charity and he is there, ask him what you owe him for playing, his reply “Don’t be rediculous, it’s my pleasure, anytime”.

    Mr Kahn, Jeremy if I may, You recorded him! is he not a true professional, hair or not? surely that is neither here nor there with regards musical ability, you will receive his promise to you, his passion is music, it would be so disrespectful to make such derogatory remarks against someone who only tries to enhance other musicians and the industry which he loves.
    Should you have had an project that required his services, I can guarantee he would never for a second have thought of charging you.
    I know he is acquainted with many top professional artists throughout his career as he has called on a number of them to help with charitable events and to make others dreams and ambitions come true.
    His accomplishments and memories for which one as he should be proud is all he has left of a lifetime for which he no longer has trophies on the shelves, awards on the wall, I too would be proud, please don’t be too hard on someone who’s heart is truly in the right place.
    We all mess up from time to time, ones class shows when one extends a hand to help a friend regain their footing, not to kick ones feet from under them for this may be the only time you can hurt him whilst he is down and vulnerable.
    Mark my words after what your column and comments have said, I know if you required his help or he knew you needed help in any way, he would be among the first and courteous enough to extend that offer, without the slightest malice.
    Please consider removing your article, your harsh words may give you some feeling of retaliation and satisfaction against him for not honouring his promises, but honestly nothing can make him feel worse than the way he feels about himself until he makes good.
    Robert has spoken highly of you and the quality in which you recorded him, I also know that what time it takes Robert to record and there is only guitar and vocals!!! I have received the tracks which you helped him with, very nice.
    He is a gifted singer and songwriter.
    Would it not have taken someone else a lot longer to record for probably the same cost?
    Again, please show some class and be a gentleman, retract your column, He and his fiancee do not need added stress especially at the moment.

    With kindest regards

    Colin Mitchell

    1. Is anyone else thinking that Colin Mitchell is infact Robert James?! You’re not a true gentleman Mr. James, you’re not a martial arts expert, you’re an embarrassment! I have heard first hand from at least 2 people he owes thousands to, and thats within the last few weeks! The fiancee’s don’t exist, the money doesn’t exist, the career doesn’t exist! You are causing so much damage to peoples lives that are kind-hearted enough to look for the best in people. I’m assuming you’ve spent you’re whole life disrupting other peoples. I wish the Police would do something about you before you take some more unexpecting victims on your twisted journey of lies and deceit!

  2. Jeremy ,I am Norman Hockley and if you are interested in Roberts business exploits in the USA…I know it all..
    The experience you had with Robert sounds very similar to the the way he operated over here..He was my best friend and when America became too dangerous for him, I bought him his airplane ticket home to the UK…
    Please E mail me at….

  3. Jeremy/Colin/Norman
    Highly delighted to have found via your website information relating to the elusive Bob James a.k.a Robert James Holister, Robert James Browning, Robert James Holister Rank.
    Jeremy the dealings that you had with Bob regards his finances or lack of are a mirror image to those experienced by ourselves September 2011 as will be explained further down the line
    Likewise Colin the picture of innocence and goody good shoe’s of Bob that you portray “I have read many times before” which is not from the same hymn sheet as many who seeking his whereabouts for fraudulent extortion of money to satisfy his fantasy life style of a country music artist, composer, publisher, entrepreneur and such likes .
    Don’t get me wrong he does have a talent in the music industry that of song writing and singing which we have experienced at first hand but sadly this is masked by the way he manipulates people into a web of deception by his charm and promises of future wealth and prosperity. He is very good at selecting people less fortunate than himself nurturing them into parting with money into fruitless venture’s knowing only too well that they are pie in the sky dreams and in turn supports his lifestyle of designer clothes and manicured hands from the proceeds.

    We first met up with Bob in the early 90s when we were contracted to Butlins as Line Dance Instructors. Bob was our residential band “Bob James &Country Connections” A friendship was built up and in turn he was invited to perform 14th October 1995 at our local CWDC.
    As a result of this bonding we made a return visit to his home place in Uxbridge the following year whereby we were supposed to support him in a television production to promote his career which turned out to be a damp squid the booking never came to fruition.
    We then lost contact Bob had since moved over to Nashville USA to pursue his dreams in country music setting up his own business under the name of “ Archie Rose.” 2008 by searching the net we renewed acquaintances our friendship blossomed once again and in return we choreographed line and partner dances to a tracks off his latest one and only CD

    Eventually Bob came over to England to promote his latest CD in addition to the revival of the British Pub scene which once gain was an utter failure and I firmly believe his visit was a smoke screen possibly on a recruitment drive for further investors which came to light on his twitter.
    During the time he spent in the UK he combined it with a four day visit to our family home. Throughout the stay he was insistent in telling us how successful he was over in the US with his own publishing/music business, in the process of purchasing a residential yacht up in the lake districts (even produced the catalogue), Limo’’s, private aircraft and tour bus at his disposal with a very impressive website to match.

    Following his return back to the states he informed us that he was in the process of securing new offices in Nashville plus a company sponsorship to support a car dragster team all of which was on his website for all to see. This eventually was admitted by Bob to be a smoke screen to convince to his investors that he was successful and hoping it would pacify the investors in the short term hoping to recruit more lucrative financiers along the way. In addition he spun more yarns including writing tracks for “The Mavericks”, “Cher”, Billy Ray “Cyrus” and the big deal forthcoming with “George Strait” all of which were dreams but very effective in convincing vulnerable people to invest in Archie Rose” with promises of great returns within the twelve months.
    He was so convincing that our investment took place March 2011 with a date line for completing the contract of April 2011. It has since transpired that in the region of 17 other investors served the same fate.

    Ever since we have had communication problems and delay tactics such as waiting to sign a further investors to ensure that the company was solvent. In addition it was disturbing to read adverse comments on the net of people trying to recoup debts, his suicide attempts, bouncing cheques not encouraging dialogue for those with financial inputs to his ventures slowly realising that it was a big sham Finally as a result of a failure to clear one of his debts and having to face the FBI he fled from the states without a penny having to sell all his worldly goods to support his flight back to the UK for fear of being prosecuted for his fraudulent behaviour . He had been reported to the FBI who I understand were in the process of building a case up against him.

    In conclusion Bob certainly has a way in gaining the confidence and friendship of people which at a later date he abuses and uses it for his own gains. He needs serious psychiatric counselling as I believe that he does not really appreciate and understand the damage he has done the embarrassment and humiliation that he has caused is inexcusable, Out of all this and the number of people he has upset not once has an apology or explanation come forward. He must not be allowed to to take advantage of any more people’s feelings as lively hoods and friendships are being destroyed by his uncaring and selfish nature. Colin you must be the only one that I know who is not reading from the same hymn sheet as the majority and thank your lucky stars that you have not been a victim of his scrupulous exploits. Jeremy thank you for drawing attention to his whereabouts providing an opportunity to let people know just how dangerous he can be especially in the art of money laundering.

    A word of advice to you Bob I am sure that you will be aware of the latest giveaway of your exploits. Stand up and be counted practice what you preach be an upright human being get your act together get a decent job and make amends firstly by notifying and apologising to all concerned and secondly with intent to regain some of your integrity back by paying back what you owe. But by analysis of your exploits which are still on going the hole is getting too deep for you to get out of and you will do another runner. .

  4. Hi – I am actually the daughter of the aforementioned ‘Sarah’ and would like to urge anyone that has any information on Bob to go to the police. I would also like to clarify that I would not describe their arrangement as an affair, but that instead Bob claimed to be in love with my Mother and subsequently harassed her; it was obvious that he had played this game before with newly single women, and targeted vulnerable and well off divorcees. The experience was extremely distressing for our whole family, and held up the process of selling our house for nearly a year – in the end Bob ended up stalking my Mother when she realised he was lying, (after finding several passports in his coat). He is a conman, and a liar. He offered to pay the mortgage of the woman with whom he was lodging in Bourne End and therefore managed to live there rent free, and then took off without notice. Not only this but I can give evidence to the story about the £30,000 donation cheque. He is now apparently living with a woman, who I hope will find out what a lying scumbag he is before it is too late.

    If you’re reading this: Fuck you, Bob.

  5. I fully sympathise with the above findings and not at all surprised with the outcome Bob has worked this style of corruption and deceit I now believe the most part of his life but more so since his move to the States in the late 1990s. He is a wanted man by so many both in the USA and the UK He is very clever in the way he draws people into his web of corruption in such a way that he manages to miss the hands of the law . I personally got involved with the FBI of last year pre his departure from the states but at that time insufficient evidence was available for them to prosecute. His time will come never you fear yourself have played a very important part of nailing him by letting the public know via Jeremy Kahn of his activities and where a bouts The noose is slowly tightening around his neck. and sooner or later he will fall foul of some person or persons who will be more proactive in their responses . I personally will never give up the chasing of his whereabouts as should not others and make it more widely known of his evil misdoings the day of reckoning will come mark my word.
    Dave R

    1. In My Darkness ..I can think of a time when I tried to hide from God. To this day, I chuckle at how LITTLE I knew! I didn’t want to do something that I knew the Lord was calling me to do so I tried to hide from it. I justified my actions, or lack thereof, and I had thoughts I shouldn’t have had but convinced myself the Lord couldn’t hear them anyway! Oh, I knew better than that! But that’s what happens when we hide from God. And disobey Him. The flesh comes in, takes over, and we begin to believe Satan’s lies! When God wants us to do something, He will see to it that we do it….in His time, His way and with His equipment! My disobedience had some very unpleasant consequences at the time, however, it did teach me to learn to obey because the blessings are much better than the consequences! The bitterness in my mouth from my disobedience had me to, eventually and finally, surrender! Once I surrendered, fully, to the Lord’s assignment, what a blessing it was to do His work here on earth! No other feeling like it! God will keep after us for as long as it takes us to surrender and obey the Lord’s request! He is forgiving and offers us several chances, a million if need be, to accomplish His purpose. It’s been said that brokenness is God’s requirement for ultimate usefulness. Our dark moments in our lives will only last as long as needed for God to accomplish His purpose in us. It’s going to be the Light of the Lord shining down on us, illuminating our path to righteousness, that will always prevail. Let’s not fight it…..because no matter where we try to hide, God will ALWAYS see us!

      1. The above comment is further evidence that Robert urgently needs sectioning. I question what relevance ‘God’s purpose’ was when you were sat drinking at various pubs, racking up huge unpaid bar tabs, seeing as gluttony and greed are both sins in the eyes of your beloved ‘Lord’. Or how about the time you told people you were a black belt assassin, seeing as I’m pretty sure ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is a fairly fundamental and non-negotiable rule? OR how about ‘Thou shalt not steal’…?! Your professed faith is laughable – you are wholly immoral and spend your life systematically abusing human kindness through the invention of money-orientated lies.

  6. James,
    It is a little difficult to find your page, but thoroughly fascinating. I am sure many more stories will be added if you could change the title to ‘The Truth about Bob James (Country Singer) aka Robert Hollister-Rank’ as it will then be more easily found on Google and other search engines by others who have been conned by Bob.
    Your doing an excellent job !

  7. This will forewarn others who are Bob’s next prospects to be conned, who hopefully will be looking to find out his history and may be the best way to stop him and his lies.

  8. Interesting story. I’ve recently met Bob, and as a local musician, he’s latched on to me (and my band), and he’s told me about all the songwriting he’s done, one in particular tonight, appears to be untrue, as I’ve checked several sites, and none have Him credited as the songwriter. I am interested to see where this goes.

    1. be fully assured that this man is a dangerous, ruthless, serial abuser and user. He makes promises he never keeps and strings people along for months, and not only wastes the time,energy and money of others, he seems to enjoy the “game”.. watching people squirm in his power… you are lucky to have found this site and not be fooled by him.. please warn anyone else you know to not be deceived. Where is he at he moment? He is a wanted man.

      1. He still appears to be in Bourne End, someone I know saw him in the bakers yesterday morning, the staff knew him by name.

  9. How many more tales about “Bob” will emerge? I’m just a little bemused at the contribution of Colin Mitchell- is this “Bob” in a uniform? .Having met Bob and listened to his tales and unfortunately also seen at first hand the damage and anguish his fanciful tales and promises can inflict on good intentioned innocent people, it sounds like a safe bet to me!
    Like all fraudsters, the baseline to the story usually has some grains of truth amongst the lies and fantasy. In Bob’s case playing the guitar and singing and writing the odd song are probably the only grains of truth to be found. On the Colin Mitchell pseudonym I wondered for a moment and then it came to me —- could this be the late “Mad Mitch”- Lt Col Colin Mitchell sometime commander of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders who fearlessly led his Jocks into the Crater district of Aden to quell an uprising. Bagpipes playing and tartan swishing he was the toast of every British tabloid at the time—but alas not the top brass in the MOD. Undaunted Mad Mitch left the army in 1967 to embark on a new career as a Tory MP although only serving one term from 1970-74. After a failed business venture he became a military consultant and also a staunch supporter of the Halo Trust . “Mad Mitch” died in 1996. Sounds just like the alter ego persona “Bob” might choose and sits well with his J Arthur Rank fantasy. Incidentally “Bob’s” birth certificate does have a link to the Cinema industry- his mother‘s occupation is stated as Cinema attendant.
    Whilst I am inclined to agree with those who say, bring on the men in white coats—– he is dangerous in that his persistence in draining funds and sustenance from well-meaning but perhaps vulnerable individuals may one day lead to disastrous consequences.
    Its time I think for plod to feel his collar.

  10. From a musician in West Drayton
    I worked as the lead guitarist in the 1990’s in Bob’s country connections band and have always been wary of any promises, made by this man. I am thankful that I have a loving grounded family who were able to see through his facade. My wife and daughter described him as someone who made their flesh crawl and were against me working with him. He departed to US and thats where I thought it would end. Imagine my surprise when last june there was a knock at my door. Yes it was Bob …again with promises. Reading your account of his shanagans in Bourne End came as no surprise. He also made financial promises to me saying that he had sold songs that I had co-written back in the 80’s. Again with the support of my family advising that he was always full of false promises I did not get drawn into his lies and deceitful ways. I have a signed document in my possession stating that he will pay me a large sum of money for the songs…..obviously this is worthless but if Bob is caught and arrested we would only be too happy to assist in his prosecution. I strongly advise Bob to be looking over his shoulder.

  11. He is currently trying to buy a horse in cookham that he cannot afford but I’m guessing they have not seen through his lies yet although i see it straight away and said to someone this guy aint all there. If you want him he goes in lees bakery every morning but that might not happen tomorrow cause a guy at the farm is very unhappy with him about trying it on with his lady so he could possibly end up in hospital. Thanks spudds.

  12. Bob is a penniless parasite. He owns nothing, has no company to sell in America and every word he utters is untrue.

  13. I am the grandson of Dave Rawding as seen in the comment’s above. I first knew bob as singer/songwriter and he looked very legit. I looked him up on the internet. He looked very nice. With his Bus , aeroplane , cars etc.. But that was another side to his life. I met Bob james a few years ago at the age of 13. i didn’t recognise him at first, to be honest he looked like a tramp. He pulled up at my grandad’s house in his Bentley i think and he looked very nice. He had stayed at my gran / grandad’s house for about 1 week. He complimented my gran’s cooking , cook breakfast. I came down and i had a great day i got a picture with him and had it printed it off straight away. That picture is now somewhere underground in the Rubbish tip. I mean like my grandad invested about £500 i think it was. My Grandparent’s on are a pension , you don’t get that much money from a pention. I am a 16 year old doing my exams . Being autisic doesn’t help either. My family has been through enough and then they get scammed out of £500+. If i saw bob now i don’t know what i would do. When i first knew he was called Bob, i laughed. Teenager’s like me in this stone age love to joke about bob. “My names Bob.” It is just funny to us. Bob maked out to me like he was a god , living the life style. Bob has upset many people just like me. We used to follow @bobjamescountry , and checked his twitter every single day. And then he went into hiding. He promised me so many thing’s. Due to my autism if i am promised something i am expecting it. I was also promised that he would set up a fund for another one of my condition’s called Elhers Danlos Syndrome. It’s a joint condititon. He also said to me and my sister that when he got back to the States that he would send me loads of present’s. He even promised my sister that one day she could come and visit him and see his horses. Well that never happened neither did all the other stuff. I am also a subscriber to his youtube channel. Me being a fan of pop i didn’t like country songs. But one of his song’s called What can we do now. It was based on a pub. – He has also removed some of his video’s as ive noticed. He now only has 8 videos. I remember a song called forever in my heart with a music video with bob james getting out of a limo. His first 2 video’s are like proper recored in a studio in everything. But then you look at the other 6 they are like in a guitar shop and from what it looks like in a home of some sort. He even took down picture’s of my grand parent’s that he has posted on his twitter and other sites. It is like he is hiding from all this hate. But he can’t hide forever. Bob come out from wherever you are and Grow some. You now have a massive hate base. Do you wan’t this hate to continue. Even an apologie would be nice. But no you just go hide somewhere where no-one can find you. Maybe you could just post something on your twitter saying something about the people that you have hurt. I’m sure alot of people would want to know what you have been up to these past few months / year. Now you have really put me down and let other’s down.
    Source of bob’s youtube channel –
    Source of bob’s twitter –
    Source of bob’s Wiki –
    Source of bob’s Music selling channel-
    Source of bob’s lies, all the BS on one page –
    Posted By TJ Rawding

  14. I want to make a heart felt apology.
    Firstly to investors of ArchieRose Music, who believed in me, I know I did not communicate as I should have and let you down for which I am truly sorry, you must feel betrayed and upset. I am doing all I can to be able to repay what each one of you originally invested, hopefully more.
    Secondly everyone I promised money or owe money, I will keep my promise and word to you, I am again desperately remorseful as you must feel I lied to you.
    I do not blame anyone for anything they have / may have said as it were my actions that caused those individuals to do so.
    Once again I am deeply sorry for the way I acted it was out of character and totally beneath me as most know I am not an malicious, callous or vindictive person. I am not making any excuses for what happened as I am to blame.
    This has also taught me a number of valuable lessons and hope in time you can learn to forgive me.

    Bob James

      1. In 2010–he borrowed $ 3,500 for a recording in Nashville…he was paying me back two weeks later..never saw a dime. Gave him(a loan)$375..for his cell phone bill. Over $1200.00 to get his guitar and a clock out of hock. And more cash offerings.

  15. I hope you find it in your heart to repay our £1500 pounds back which left 2 senior citizens still paying off the loan we took out three years ago the interest is still building up and we can ill afford this money We will not be holding our breath I think the only way to recoup our losses is to seek action I hope that you can live with your conscience I don’t know how you sleep at night

  16. Hi Norman I trust that your feelings of sorrow and remorse extend to all those others who have unfortunately been drawn into Bobs unscrupulous activities. Why should yourself have to apologise for someone else’s misdoings ? It would be nice to know the extent of his debt and all those affected .How on earth Bob do you intend making amends. Robbing the rich to pay the poor ? At least you have been man enough to finally surface and apologise but is this just crocodile tears? a promise without substance. From information received to date it would mean a substantial win on the lottery and pigs might fly.

    1. Becky, I would like to hear all the details of your experience with Bob. I think I met you when I stopped by the pool to see how Bob was doing. My E mail is

      1. It’s a long story Norman.
        But like so many of us ,Robert took our money with his well conceived lies!
        I really feel like the right thing to do is turn him into the FBI and let them go after him for fraud & extortion!

  17. Quite a story building up and it is not rocket science to evaluate the moral standards of Bob. Norman and Becky I feel an injustice has been done in assisting his return back to the UK when he should have been took to task and made to pay the penalty in the USA courts for all those in the syndicate and many others I am sure who are afraid to come forward who were led down the garden path and unknowingly invested in his luxury lavish lifestyle. You may quite rightly be pleased that he is back in the UK but have some feelings for those he is still parasitizing back in the UK is that justice I doubt very much. I smile at the comment made of him physically working in a club swimming pool his well manicured hands and designer clothing would suggest otherwise. Thank you Jeremy Kahn for your article which as the title claims the on going saga and experiences of others is building up a not too nice picture of ” The True Story Of Bob” . Keep the articles coming hopefully it will shame him to try and maker amends but so many people are involved it will take a lifetime to put right.

  18. Bob is a true Sociopath- he believes his own lies and never ever tells the truth.. he would con his grandmother and make huge pleas to pay her back along with his claims to be a kind and moral man. Everything about him is a lie. Please do not expect ever to be reimbursed for your loans/losses. if you have further contact with him it is more likely that you will be robbed again. He is the closest thing to evil i have ever met. If you are a woman who he is pretending to love then you should get out of the relationship as soon as possible. He plays the same awful songs again and again to women pretending he has written them especially for them.. he preys on vulnerable, lonely ladies, and as far as I can see the sweet ones are the most gullible. Do not be ashamed if you have been tricked, he is a master of deceit.

    1. Everything that anon said to true…run don’t walk away from this man..if possible call the police
      and report where he’s living so that they can put him away —-he needs stopped!

  19. Becky a missed opportunity which should have been carried out before his quick departure from the USA. I tried pre his departure by contacting the FBI direct from the UK but it appears that the legal process in the USA works at a snails pace . At the time in question they wanted more evidence , more witnesses to come forward which I am sure that they are out their including his attorney. Take heed those person or persons who are currently involved in the protection and support of Bob take note of all the articles printed to date and let your conscience do the right thing not only to protect yourself but others who inevitably will fall under his evil spell.

    1. He doesn’t have an attorney—what lawyer would take him as a client??
      Do you think they would take one of his bogus checks and wait days -weeks & months to cash it?

  20. Perhaps not now but in early 2011 it came to light that he cleverly had in place an attorney based in Fort Wayne USA services rendered in exchange for shares in his bogus scam concerning Archie Rose Music. The support given to his so called organisation enabled him to issue professionally drawn up documents/ contracts involved with the distortion of finance to fund his fantasy lifestyle.. Having said this his so called attorney being one of 15 traced investors (more of which I am sure have yet to be disclosed) one cannot comprehend why he did not use his legal position to bring him to justice before his sudden departure from the states ? It is imperative to keep this channel open and for people involved to disclose his whereabouts wherever possible at all times as one day he will get his just desserts. Mind you it is noted that Bob has declared that he has seen the error of his ways and will do all within his power to make amends. Bob an update on your efforts would be welcome ! It is observed that you are back on face book yet another recruitment drive for your finances?

    1. This is at least the fifth time I’ve seen his deep sorrow for all he’s hurt. He has no intention of paying back folks!
      He owes upwards of $500,000..that’s lots of payback!
      Again, thank you for keeping us informed.

  21. Where is this apology of a man coming from be very aware folks he has now put out on twitter that he has been made official US/Canadian patron of the 2020 voice throat cancer registered charity what a wrong decision to put him anywhere near anything to do with money, do they know of his previous money scams maybe they should be informed by all the people he has took money from I will certainly be informing them so please lets all get together and put this fantastic charity in the picture before it is too late all of you put pen to paper and stop him in his tracks and let them know what a scumbag he really is.

  22. Where do we go from here!
    DJR (The Man In Black)
    Where do we go from here!
    This person must be stopped of his fraudulent practices be he in the UK or USA until he has redeemed respectability from all of his creditors and those people that he has deceitfully drawn under his spell of corruption.

    Very interesting the latest development in Bob’s life –information gained from his Twitter indicates that he is working his psychopathic powers via the media to build up another clientele to fund his devious way of life. Be it fantasy or reality someone out there will be vulnerable enough to fall under his charm and will inevitably lose out on their finances. That’s the way he works!

    Surprising to find out via the link 2020-Voice Cancer that they declare that he is now living and working over in the States ! and they welcome him as patron to their charity. The article makes good reading. ( Google Bob James Country Singer Twitter then follow the link stated regarding the charity).

    United we stand should be taken very seriously if there is any chance of putting an end to the possibility of him gaining money by false pretences from either the public or that of defrauding the stated charity . Cannot understand how he has managed to return back to the states when he had to leave with the FBI on his tail unless he has had sponsorship and support from a third party .In addition how can such a person be accepted in such a position without a character reference and or a credibility check? Perhaps they are not aware of Jeremy Kahn’s article “The True Bob” and therefore are unaware of his activities. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to make sure that the charity concerned has the necessary details hence that they are privy to the said article.

    It is therefore important for all those involved who unfortunately have been drawn unknowingly into his scams to notify the charity of their particular experiences more to the point direct them to Jeremy Kahn’ “True Story of Bob which will tell it all . All those involved have to thank Jeremy for the ongoing dialogue and contributions on this man’s scrupulous life Which brings up the point is he now residing back in the USA or still in the UK ? It would be much appreciated if his true where about’s if known could be disclosed via this media.

    It is time that Bob lived up to his promises as declared in this dialogue on July 9th whereby he made an official apology of his wrong doings and declared that he was in the process of making amends to all those concerned. This should come before exposing himself as a patron to a nationwide charity in order to regain any respect and moral standings to upheld such a high profile position. Or is it just a red herring spearheading another campaign of support to fund his lavish lifestyle. Only time will tell

    It is of the utmost importance to keep this dialogue on going and to keep the True Story of Bob alive making sure that every one is fully aware of the kind of person that they are dealing with. Hopefully one day either he will reform and repent his sins or he will get his just desert’s . Never give up hope as even the high and mighty can fall at the hand of their own sword.

    Bob’s main weakness is his egoistic search for power and position at others expense . He is a person who has an inferiority complex by which he uses the media of the twitter to gain self esteem and gratification by falsely creating a persona of high moral standing. Keep the articles coming one day they may seen as vital evidence to put a stop to his unsavoury practices.

  23. If anyone wants his number its 07842044501 and his brothers number [ phillip] is 07584501853
    i spoke to him recently and he said was still in Bourne End area.

  24. hopefully someone has caught up with him, and fucked him over because that’s what he deserves. you might have been a friend of his in the states but enough is enough, why should you give a damn about that useless piece of shit, all he did was lie even about you after you were the only person left who was decent enough to help him.Lets hope he’s dead and buried because no one will miss him and the chaos he brought into our lives.

  25. We have you to thank Norman for inflicting him on us. You should have let him face the music there not sent him elsewhere to carry on with his dishonest ways, surely even then you must have known this man(if you can call him that) was never going to change. Why did you help him? You knew what he had done so in helping him you are responsible for him being able to carry on destroying respectable peoples lives. I hope you are proud!

    1. What Norman did was the best thing possible. Do you really think he’d ever stop–even in prison? The man (aka dick weed)does not have a conscience! Let stay together on our hatred of this guy and not attack the victims.

      1. I know it’s hard to believe but I had absolutely no knowledge of Roberts business dealings, he never asked me for investment money or divulged the source of his income. You must understand he was living a hundred miles from me. I offered to buy him a ticket to England when his father died but he refused to go, months later he asked me if my offer was still open and I assumed he wanted to go home for family reasons, he was totally broke and living in a van. My friendship with Robert was based on our shared experiences as ex- pats living in the States.
        It was as I was driving home from the airport after dropping him off, that I got a call from his ex-wife who had learned of the reason he needed to leave the country…I haven’t heard from him for months, he tried to commit suicide in the past, so I don’t know if he is dead or alive…if he’s alive I am sure he is reading this blog…
        I know he will be angry that I have posted this but it’s the truth.

      2. Most of the folks that will read your post will know and understand. BUT the truth is his anger could not come close to the hatred we have have for him! When you lose money like most of us did-you can believe we HATE him!

      3. Becky I think your hatred is perfectly understandable, I would never attempt to defend Robert and his actions.
        I wish you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

  26. Norman I think you owe it to all concerned to confirm and provide whatever information you have to substantiate your message. What is interesting and possibly contributes to your findings is that he stopped twittering and face book pre March 2015

  27. He rises from the dead yet again!. Sorry Norman get your facts right and do not lead people on I now firmly believe that you Know more than you are letting on. I have it on good authority that he has completed 28 chapters of the book he is writing and will be finished by June and on the shelf by Christmas. Lets hope Bob that the proceeds from the sales will be put to some good use first and foremost aimed at clearing up the debts you have incurred with your creditors.

  28. Bob is not dead at all as I’ve just seen him active on Facebook on Sunday 5th April 2015, to be honest he’s probably faking his death so he doesn’t have to pay people back all the money he owes them. And two of them people are my nan and grandad who payed a lot of money to him. Haha he now says he’s on his 28th chapter of of his book which is a laugh. Someone needs to bring him back to life and into the real life. He says his book will be on the shelves by Christmas I mean come on he isn’t even famous all he’s famous for is for conning people and taking their money. A good title for his book will be how to con and cheat people successfully. I know where this book is going to end up it will end up with his hundreds of unsold CDs. When I first met Bob I was about 10. I went to my nan and grandads to meet Bob where he was staying and he stayed there for about a week. When I walked in I saw him and to be honest with you he looked weird. But I walked in said hi just thinking he was a normal ‘country singer’. I have autism so I’m not afraid to speak the truth about that spiteful man. To go with my autism I have a rare genetic disorder called Elhers Danloss Syndrome. The point of why I’m bringing this up is because Bob promised to support those two charity’s, but Bob broke that promise as he never supported the charity’s. He also promised I could go to America one day to see his ‘horses’ that he ‘owned’, but yet again he broke that promise. Me, my family and Bob were sat in the living room and Bob meantioned he was going to buy this big expensive boat to live on. He pulled out a booklet with all these expensive boats in and I had a look at them. Im going to leave it here but Bob I just want you to know you deserve whatever comes to you we know you’re alive now and it won’t be long before we find out where you are staying and who you are conning right at this moment in time. Bye Bob hope to see you soon NOT. Well I do hope to see you when you bring my grandparents money back!!!

  29. Bob is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, so no chance that he will change. Neither will he ever give any money back or will be able to feel honestly sorry for anybody – except himself.

    And people writing here should be aware that there is a good chance that he is also writing under the name Norman Hockley or Norman. And might use other personalities (and not necessarily only one at a time) in the future here or somewhere else. This persons sometimes might exist and maybe even have met Bob in the past, but they have no idea that he is using their personalities to fake conversations. He is faking all sorts of conversations incl. phone calls, emails and so on. So be careful.

    And there will also be NEVER any project ever be carried out – no book, no music contract, no patron of charity, no shares worth millions, no boat, no big house, no expensive car, no nothing.

    But he always will make it look like there will be something coming up soon, some big admiration. The admiration he deserves!

    Take care!

    1. Martin

      I agree with most of what you are saying, although as I am not a medic I’m not keen to give a diagnosis. However, Norman is for real, I’ve checked him out and I have spoken to him. Not quite sure why he is making a drama out of this, though.


  30. You have seen Norman’s passport with a picture and you had spoken via Skype with him to see him during the talk? Technically, it is no problem to put every phone number you like in the display. There are so many possibilities to fake things. Bob even had involved other people to make fake calls for him.
    In the end it doesn’t matter anyway in which way Norman might be involved here or not.

    The only important thing is: Be careful and stay away!

    P.S. For a long time Bob was claiming that it is Norman writing a book about him. 😉

    A fool can always find a greater fool to admire him.

  31. Bob is not smart enough to fake IP addresses and intercept phone numbers that are in the USA. He relies on being convincing in person. His attempts at impersonation are pathetic. For example, see his posturing as Colin Mitchell in the comments above. Norman is for real alright. And I object to your implication that I am a fool.

  32. I can confirm Norman is real as I have spoken to him on a couple of occassions but I think he knows more than he’s letting on. He certainly knew what had forced Robert to live in a van before he bought him his ticket back to England. He definately knew that his name had been put to the FBI in regards to fraud. I don’t know why Norman should try to decieve others about Robert dying when it’s obvious he’s still alive, it could possibly be that he’s been backing him all along. and didn’t want his collar felt. To make up the death would certainly stop alot of people trying to find the man who ruined their lives, throw them of the scent. This week I have spoken to more people and companies that Robert ripped off, this being 18 months ago. Norman I know Robert keeps in contact with you so it’s now time you manned up and let the relevant authorities know where the bastard is to face all charges, or at least let one of the people he owes money to know where he’s hiding so they can deal with him accordingly. Please don’t plead ignorance you don’t want to be tarred with the same brush

    1. I don’t understand why Norman would suggest Bob had died I can confirm he is most definitely alive I have information on his whereabouts and would appreciate advice on how to take it forward

      1. Not sure” if “he is still in Europe what we could do–but if he ever returns to the U.S we’ll go after him gun blazing.

  33. Ok so reports of Bobs death were greatly exaggerated. I received a phone call from a friend who was working on finding Bob for me and he jumped the gun on an unidentified homeless person. The description fitted Bob and I just assumed it was him… If nothing else it got you guys stirred up again….you know the longer you sit on your hands and do nothing the easier it is for him to move on and disappear. You question my motives and how I figure in to this whole story…we were friends and I listened to his stories…that’s it.
    Here’s a few truths about Robert that I’m sure you suspect but can’t accept,
    He was never a successful musician, he never had offices in Nashville, he didn’t have any contacts in country music, he never had a tour bus, he never had a publishing company, there is no book, there are no lawyers in the USA, he has no money in the USA, he has no famous friends, he doesn’t know martial arts, he never went to any University especially the London school of Economics, there was no boat in the Lake District, he had nothing except his wits. He constructed a paper company and sold the shares and with the money he bought clothes, jewelry and wooed the women who took him in and sustained his lifestyle..he made three different CDs of his music and had hundreds of copies made…he never managed to sell one. His life has been deceit and fantasy and I’m sure it still is. Now again in my defense I knew nothing of this until he had left America.
    What I find difficult to believe is that there isn’t anyone over there that Robert cheated and hurt, who isn’t willing to go punch him on the nose…

  34. Well Robert, we are all eagerly awaiting the release of your book, I was thinking about an appropriate title and it occurred to me that you have spent so much time putting tile down in bathrooms that you could call it
    Game of Thrones ! Ha! Well, anyway, I don’t think I will hold my breath until I see a book..

  35. Rumor has it that Bob got married in May to some woman in England. Can anyone find out if this is real? Look for a marriage license? Robert James Browning is his real name.

    1. Googled him and found marriage listing St. Faiths Church, Lee on Solent, Hampshire

      1. What is this unfortunate woman’s name? She needs to see this blog and learn the truth. Norman…

      2. The Parish Church of Lee-on-the-Solent – St Faith’s, Lee-on ……/04/WN_12th-26th-April-2015_V2-3.pdf
        12 Apr 2015 – ; Robert Hollister-Rank and Stacy McTaggart…………….

        Although the document now seems to removed from the church website??

  36. “Prepare for you all accordingly” Sam ? That sounds like a threat…Who is Sam ???

  37. I was thinking the something. Sounds like something Bob would say. He was clinically diagnosed as bipolar and as a sociopath while he was in the US.

  38. Hypocritical of you wishing Bob a happy birthday obviously a person speaking with fork tongue who knows more than he is letting on?

    1. “Speaking with fork tongue”….Who are you? Tonto?
      To be a hypocrite, i would have previously have had to say “Bob doesn’t deserve a happy birthday.”
      which i have not.

  39. I’m pretty sure everyone else on here wishes he was miserable or in jail. That is what he deserves.

  40. Hit a raw nerve have we ? How can anyone remotely involved with Bob knowing full well how he has been so hurtful, so deceitful and betrayed so many friendships in order to feed his fantasy lavish lifestyle. Bob is nothing more than a psychopathic parasite who as at last gone to ground. Those supporting his lifestyle deserve the same level of respect.or disrespect as the case may be.To wish him a “Happy Birthday” .is nothing more than rubbing the salt in the wounds of those victims who sadly fell under his spell..It is a known fact that his departure from the USA was assisted and he fell just short of being prosecuted by the FBI on fraudulent practices and even back in the UK he has continued with his persuasive manner to continue where he left off.. In one breadth you are advocating sympathy and support to the victims and the second wishing the guilty party a happy birthday how hypocritical can you get. By the way Tonto has much higher morals and standards than the Joker of Gotham City. Do not sit on the fence you are either with or against him and at this moment in time I know which I would wager on as you had every opportunity whilst in the States to see that he had his just desserts. You forget Bob was once a close and dear friend of myself and family all of which have been sold down the line suffering considerable financial losses.This we shall never forget and his he working to pay off his creditors I doubt very much.

    1. Hey it wasn’t my responsibility to take any action against Robert in the USA. I had absolutely no idea what he was doing and he never duped me as he duped so many others…by the way “the Joker in Gotham city” ????
      What are you ? Like 10 years old ?

    2. Very well written!
      Norman–I’m sorry I just can’t make myself feel anything but hate filled for Bob.
      He owes me and so many kind generous folks a lot of money…and lots of hurt feelings of betrayal.
      Most of us would have forgiven him -but not when we lost all respect after being conned and made fools of this BASTARD!

  41. Sad at the time of my involvement with Bob perhaps I was not of the age or experienced enough to see through his devious ways of conning the vulnerable . Now more experienced more the wiser and more determined than ever to seek out all the facts of the true Bob story as aided by Jeremy Kahn and the web.. Perhaps the “joker of Gotham City was too deep for you to appreciate but it must be made clear to the public for their own protection just how much this person has affected and in some cases destroyed so many peoples lives. He is a master at the art of preying on vulnerability and hospitality of others for his own personal gains and satisfaction including that of yourself. Agreed you were perhaps not duped in the same way as a majority of us but he betrayed your friendship and you cannot deny that he owes you money and that you were responsible for bailing him out in addition to getting his vehicle back on the road and finally financing his ticket back to the UK. I feel strongly that without this support further down the line he would have been prosecuted in the USA for his dubious and scrupulous activities and justice would have prevailed. Alas he was given the freedom to continue with his activities and no doubt will be a drain on our benefits and that of the vulnerability of others.

    It is quite apparent that you are still determined to regain contact with Bob as one can see from the above dialogue and perhaps it was your wish and intention to draw him in by acknowledging his birthday Perhaps you should seek entry via his twitter or face book if he accepts you back in the fold it will show the true colours of his friendship. This I can never see as you will be considered by him as a weak link in his armour and no longer of any use or value in his life and this will hurt. It is so easy to load the gun but takes courage to fire it metaphorically speaking. Your birthday wishes were wrongly time, wrongly placed and I very much doubt will gain any support from the the 91 contributions to this ongoing story.

    1. Correct Man IN Black. Although Norman thought his birthday was the 13th. It’s the 15th. Although I can’t for the life of me understand why he would even think about Bob’s birthday. Bob did take advantage of Norman’s friendship even though Norman doesn’t like to admit it. Bob lied about Norman and took bits and pieces of Norman’s life story and incorporated it into his own. Bob stayed at Norman’s Lake House when he was homeless in exchange for work that was never completed. And Norman had trouble getting him to leave when he needed him to. Bob was clinically diagnosed as being bipolar and being a sociopath.

      He lies to people about other people doing him wrong, etc to make himself seem the victim, make the other people look bad and keep people from talking to each other and becoming friends with other people in his life. He works very hard to keep certain people away from each other so they don’t find out the truth.

      Unless his new wife has money, doesn’t care about his book being real, doesn’t care if he works or not and helps get him psychiatric help and meds, Bob will slip up again and get caught.

      Why doesn’t anyone track down his wife? Her name was listed in the post with the wedding announcement.

  42. Also, he changed his name in order to start his scam over and hide from his past. If that was done legally, there is a public record of it.

    And as a sociopath he has really come to believe the lies he made up about Rank being his father and his supposed success. Exactly why is real family, the Brownings, won’t have anything to do with him anymore. He’s been doing this sort of scamming since he was in his teens.

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