Astronomy and lightning

Some memories are created by family myths. This story about my father, FDK, may be an example. In the early 60s FDK spent a few months at the National Radio Astronomy Obervatory in Greenbank, West Virginia. An emissary from the Sterrewacht in Leiden came to Greenbank to give a seminar about Professor Jan Oort’s latest theories. Oort was … Continue reading Astronomy and lightning

About my father: Franz Kahn

My father, Franz Daniel Kahn (FDK) was an astronomer. Or to be more precise, an astrophysicist. The equipment he needed for work consisted of a pad of paper, a slide rule, and a Bic (always). When he was younger he worked all the time. He worked on Sundays, and when we were on holiday he'd … Continue reading About my father: Franz Kahn