Shoulder of Lamb and Fava Bean Curry

This is another variation on some preceding curry ideas. The idea is that the vegetables thicken the sauce, and also that the lamb is immersed in the sauce so the spices flavour it. It's good to use the smallest pan that will fit the shoulder, so that the intensity of the sauce is not diluted … Continue reading Shoulder of Lamb and Fava Bean Curry

Red Beef Stew

A rich brown stew

A Chinese Style Stew, adapted from, found by Anna. Shin of beef has a load of connective tissue that turns to lovely mushy gelatine when cooked for a long time. This dish has magical properties of deliciousness. Serves 3 Ingredients 0.6Kg Shin of beef: 1 Onion lump of ginger: 2” 2 large cloves garlic … Continue reading Red Beef Stew

Steak au poivre vert

The Irit was desperate to eat steak with green peppercorn sauce. So here's how I made it. Ingredients The meat 2 lumps of filet steak (will work perfectly well with any grade of steak) Knob of butter Splash of sunflower oil The sauce 1 shallot, chopped finely About 1/4 jar green peppercorns, drained (Mrs Kahnivore … Continue reading Steak au poivre vert