Guitar and Electric Bass lessons

I play and can show you how to play many styles of guitar (including folk, ragtime, blues, jazz, afro-cuban) and bass guitar. I can show you how to read music for guitar but I’m keen on playing by ear. I can also teach the theory of music, and how to get that knowledge into your playing.

If you want to succeed in music you need to have a passion for it. You have to provide that. I can look at what you do, and give you ideas on how to get the most out of your practice time. Often a lesson will give you a lot of material to work on, so you probably won’t want weekly lessons. Depending on the amount of time you can find to practise, you may want fortnightly, monthly or even yearly lessons. I am flexible on that.

Things I often talk about:

– projection and delivery
– sound
– technique
– fretboard knowledge
– time and rhythm
– chord shapes and how to construct them yourself
– scales and patterns
– styles of playing
– music theory and how to convert it into playing
– repertoire

Rates are £35 per hour.

My approach is open, I’ll take a look at where you are at, and we’ll take it from there.  Lessons are informal, we decide at the time of the lesson what we’re going to work on.

I welcome players at all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced.

Joe writes:

If you want to learn and are serious about your guitar playing you wont do better than Jeremy. I cant recommend him highly enough!