Jazz Lessons

If you’re learning jazz and you want some help then come and see me. Rates are £40 an hour. I’m happy to give one-off lessons or regular lessons, whatever suits you.

My approach is open and I tailor what I teach to fit each student.

I can also teach groups, £negotiable, and I sometimes run day courses.

A student wrote this about a class that I gave at Grafham:

The first session on Friday where Jeremy gave us a chance to practise the “easy to say, hard to do” jazz essentials of playing by ear, listening and responding to other players, using space and motifs, was mind-blowing for me. I have not had such a stimulating jazz tutorial session for a long time. What I really liked about it was the way Jeremy encouraged Mary on piano, Andrew on drums and me on tenor to do these things. And even though I have been doing them for years in gigs and rehearsals, what was exciting was how he got the dynamic going in the session and coaxed us all into going into new places. You can’t do that with a playalong CD. This is precisely what I look to get out of a jazz tutorial session.  It seems to me that the skill in doing this as a tutor is in dealing with the class dynamic, and pulling disparate people together in a supportive way, and giving us the time and opportunity to try, to experience, to experiment and practise. And then have the heady feeling of success through one’s own efforts – with the wisdom, insight and guidance of the tutor having enabled us to do it.  I think Jeremy achieved this because he created a real sense of group, through sensitivity to individuals.

Gems I will remember:

“don’t play unless you have something significant to say”

“when you go to a dinner party you don’t speak loudly and continuously the whole time”


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