Sourdough Formulae

A loaf of bread in a boule form on a cooling rack

See Sourdough Bread for the context for these formulae.

100% wholewheat sourdoughWhite sourdough50/50 rye sourdough
Strong White0.0%90.0%50.0%
Baking 230C20m35m19m
Baking 170C25m– 33m
Internal temperature of loaf when ready88C88C98C

Formulae that I currently make. These are descriptions, not prescriptions.


All percentages are in terms of the total weight of flour. In particular, the  starter is expressed as weight of flour in starter / total weight of flour in the loaf, and the sponge is expressed as the total weight of flour in the sponge (including that in the starter) / total weight of flour in the loaf. I feel like the sponge will develop better if it’s at 100% hydration, but that reduces the water in the rest of the dough which makes autolyse less effective, combining the starter and dough more difficult and sometimes results in lumpiness. So I now make the sponge at the same hydration as the overall loaf.

Starter is fed with wholewheat at 100% hydration the night before. I use 50g of starter in the sponge, so there is a minimum of 25g of wholewheat in every loaf.  Sponge is made in morning and left covered until risen (3-5 hours). Flour and water for main dough mixed and left to stand 20 minute before adding sponge and salt. Sponge hydration == main dough hydration. Once mixed, left to stand about 20 mins, 3 x stretch and fold every half hour, final time form into loaf, put in brotform, store in fridge until morning. Baked on hot griddle with water in oven

For 50/50 rye it’s a combination of kneading and stretch and fold.

The baking times quoted are for loaves based on 600g flour.

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