Sourdough Pizza Base

A pizza on a perforated pizza tin

I made pizza on a sourdough base. This post is to document what I did, so I can remember it.

See this post for the basics of how I make sourdough bread.

This recipe is enough for an 11″ pizza or 2 x 8″ pizzas.

The night before you want to make pizza, take 50g of starter from the fridge and feed it with 25g whole wheat and 25g water. In the morning, keep 50g starter for the dough, put the remainder back in the fridge for next time.

This recipe uses a total of 200g flour of which 175g is strong white flour, and 25g came from the starter, 60% hydration, 1.4% salt, 2.5% extra virgin olive oil. All amounts expressed as percentages of the total weight of flour.

Mix the flour and salt in a bowl, add the leaven and water, mix them up a bit, cover with a wet towel and rest 20 minutes.

Stretch and fold, rest 20 minutes x 2.

Cover and leave to ferment for 3 hours. Turn onto a floured board. Divide the dough into n equal lumps where n = number of bases you want to make. Form into dough balls and place each in an oiled bowl and cover with a wet towel. Refrigerate for 8 hours (could do overnight or up to a week. I’m told you can also freeze it but I haven’t tried that and I’m a trifle dubious).

For the baking, I’ve adapted an idea from Heston Blumenthal. I heated a large skillet on the hob, until very hot, then placed it upturned in the preheated the grill. While these were heating up I got a dough ball from the fridge, and on a floured board formed the base by stretching with my fingers, taking care not to tear the dough, and leaving a rim that can expand to make the pizza crust. For the last bit of this I put the dough on a perforated aluminium pizza pan, put the toppings on and stuck it in the grill on top of the upturned skillet. Takes about 5 minutes to cook.