Red Eggs and Babinjan

Here’s a dish called Red Eggs and Babinjan. It was made by my parents-in-law, Julie and Josh who were Jewish, and came originally from Iraq.

The eggs are cooked for a long time and turn brown. I don’t know why they were called Red Eggs, perhaps it’s a mistranslation.

Dishes cooked slowly on the fire are traditional because cooking is not allowed on Shabbat. So the dish is put on the fire on Friday evening and cooks slowly for maybe 20 hours. These dishes were called T’bit. There’s more about this sort of thing here.

In Korea these kind of eggs are called Sauna Eggs.

A table laid with red eggs, babinjan, chopped tomatoes, parsley, spring onions and pita
Red eggs and babinjan

Pressure cook the eggs for 2 hours. We put one layer under water, covered by a trivet, and another layer on top, steamed. I’m guessing a slow cooker for 8 hours would work, but I’m awaiting a report back on that. Update: slow cooker didn’t work, the eggs dried out.

Slices of fried aubergine (babinjan) laid out on a dish.

Babinjan: slice aubergines diagonally about 1 cm thick, yielding an oval shape. Fry in plenty of oil until a deep golden brown colour.

Tehina sauce: add some salt, water and lemon to some tehina and beat until smooth. Should be a bit runny. If too thick, add more water.

Serve in hot pita with chopped tomatoes, flat leaf parsley, spring onions.