Football v Jazz

Football – The Life and Times of Dave Normal…. « riserdrummer.

Well, although I never liked football, I used to play a lot of competitive games (bridge, chess, monopoly, etc). And I’d have a go at tennis, squash, table tennis, etc. Around 20 years ago, I lost interest.

I started to study and play jazz. Now there are similarities between Jazz and Football. A group of people get together to perform an apparently meaningless ritual. Much excitement and emotion is created. We all go home feeling we have done something exhilarating and worthwhile.

But there’s a crucial difference. In football, there are two sides. One wins, hence the other loses. A zero sum game. Football is a model of battle, or a surrogate for it.

In Jazz, we all work together to create the best possible music. There is no competition between the players (or if there is, there shouldn’t be). We feed each other ideas, we learn off each other, we enjoy each other’s success. And for me, that’s how it should be. It has all the teamwork of games, with much less of the misery and stress.